North Tyne Bike Ride Guide

The Definitive Guide to England’s Cycling Paradise


Interactive eBook for iPad: £9.99

NTBRG is an interactive eBook for iPad, available at the iBookstore.  The multi-touch eBook format allows bespoke Google Maps® to be included for every ride, plus GPS-generated gradient profiles, along with hundreds of original photos, all enriching the turn-by-turn directions in the text. 

Links are also included which enable each ride to be visualised using StreetView in Google Earth®.

  1. Print edition: £14.99

  2. Although interactive mapping is not possible in print, the core text and photographic content is identical to the iPad edition. All the gradient profiles are included too.

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The area covered by the guide. The North Tyne Valley in Northumberland is close to Hadrians Wall and the Scottish Border and is linked to the world class cycling centre at Kielder by some of the best cycle trails in Europe.
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NTBRG is written by a local resident, Alan James, who has ridden every inch of the rides described in the book – which are mostly on almost empty back lanes, half-forgotten Roman roads or forest tracks.

So take Alan’s word for it, he knows where all the agonising climbs are lurking, where the massive upland moors offer the most stunning views, and where the plunging downhills are at their most exciting.  He’s an honestly reliable guide, not pulling punches where the few off-road bits get a bit too squelchy.  One of the routes even begins with the words “this ride is better on a horse.”

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Reflecting the extraordinarily rich local history of Hadrians Wall country, the book contains plenty of background too, ranging from Chairman Mao’s thoughts on the impact of the Roman Empire, through the unsavoury habits of the Reivers, to St Oswald’s defeat of the pagans.  It also gives invaluable advice, which spans practical details of where to stay and how to get there, through to esoteric, but essential, hints on how to handle psychopathic sheepdogs, and which squirrels it is OK to run over.

NTBRG is also a great read when you’re not planning a bike ride.  It is written in a mordant style, combining a bike rider’s knowledge of the local hills (downhills celebrated, uphills resented) with humorous insight into the local area, including where that sheepdog lies in wait before ambushing cyclists, how to identify motorcycle routes by the ambulances lurking in lay-bys, and how inaccurate paint annoys railway enthusiasts.

Read a sample chapter here.

  1. Technical information about the interactive eBook

  2. NTBRG is a multi-touch interactive eBook for iPad only.  To read the digital edition, you’ll need an iPad 2 or later.  The iPad must be running iOS 5.1 or newer, and the latest version of the iBooks App, both of which are available as a free download from the Apple App Store. 

  3. Once OS X Mavericks is released in 2013, iBooks will also be available on Mac too.

  4. There is currently no Kindle version, because the Kindle platform does not support many of the features included in NTBRG.

  5. The multi-touch eBook format for iPad allows bespoke Google Maps® to be included for every ride, plus GPS-generated gradient profiles, along with hundreds of original photos, all enriching the turn-by-turn directions in the text. 

  6. Links are also included (in Chapter 9) which enables each ride to be visualised in Google Earth® – including Street View.  To use this visualisation feature, you will need to update to the latest version of Google Earth for iOS (v 7.1 or later).  When you click the link in the book, the file will download to Safari.  Safari will then ask you to “Open in Google Earth”.  Click OK.


Welcome to the North Tyne Bike Ride Guide – NTBRG

NTBRG is a detailed, richly illustrated, and amusingly written introduction to hundreds of miles of stunning cycling along the back roads and byways of England’s bike paradise in Northumberland.  It is available as an interactive eBook for iPad® or as a printed book. Read a sample chapter here.